Candice Paulsen

allyssa manalo

contemporary and Jazz

Allyssa Manalo began dancing at the age of three at Allison Darling Dancers and continued her dance career at Toronto Dance Industry until the age of 18. Allyssa is a well-rounded, skilled dancer with knowledge in various disciplines of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, pointe and hip-hop. Throughout her life as a competitive dancer at T.D.I, Allyssa has earned many accomplishments both as a soloist and a group member. Some of these awards include Toronto Dance Industry’s Most Promising dancer (2012), Dance Canada’s Most Destined to Succeed Senior (2013) and also, numerous top soloist awards. Over the years, Allyssa has always been open to opportunities for growth and has been recognized at many dance workshops by some of Toronto’s top choreographers. In addition, Allyssa has been actively working towards building her professional profile as a dancer and has participated in performances such as Fever After Dark, as well as television performances on CP24 choreographed by Kaela Faloon.
Currently, Allyssa is training and continuously bettering her craft as a teacher and a choreographer by taking advantage of every opportunity to teach throughout Toronto. Allyssa is thrilled to be joining the T.D.I faculty for the 2016/2017 season and can’t wait to share her immense passion and dedication for the art with all of her future students.