Music Lessons

The TDI music program offers vocal coaching, music theory and piano lessons. Each lesson is private (1 student) and is a half hour long per concentration. Please note: half hour lessons can not be split between voice and piano.

Half hour lessons are $32.50 to be paid quarterly.

Lessons are offered Tuesday evenings between 4:30 and 9:00 PM. Please reserve your space early, as the schedule fills up quickly. Additional days may be added based on registration. To schedule your classes, please contact Matthew at


Ages: 6 years and up

Levels: Beginner to advanced Curriculum includes: breath, pitch, note, chromatic scale, Solfeggio pitches, sustain of pitch, vowel sound/diphthongs, basic rhythm, song selection

Students will learn and grow throughout the year in both vocal knowledge and technique using outlined curriculum as well as age appropriate song selection.

Music Theory

Ages: 10 years and up

Levels: Intermediate to advanced (designed for students currently involved in music)

Curriculum includes: Solfege, clef and pitch notation, key signatures, scales, rhythms, intervals, chords and the formula, composition

The majority of these lessons will be on paper with the referral of a piano. Lessons will be catered to the individual, moving the curriculum accordingly. Upon the year's completion, student will better understand music, have a greater appreciation for many music types and have knowledge of music and how it works.


Ages: 5 years and up

Levels: Beginner to intermediate

Curriculum includes: Finger placement, notes, piano scales, rhythms, reading treble and bass clefs, song selection and rehearsal of pieces.

Just like learning how to type on the computer, the student will be taught from where the fingers go to how to play a composition. Enjoying the piano is the fundamental goal for success. The student will soon grow to appreciate the instrument by playing for enjoyment.

Please note: There is a $20.00 registration fee which will include your sheet music, music pad and necessary work sheets. Students may be given practical and worksheet homework each week. Missed lessons require 24-hour notice to ensure a make-up lesson or payment carry-over.

For more information and to schedule your classes, please contact Matthew at