My daughter has been with the Toronto Dance Industry for more than an year now and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to enroll her at this studio. The Toronto Dance Industry, a family-run business, offers a wide variety of classes; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical theatre, Acro, Zumba Fitness and more. Classes are available for girls, boys, teens, and adults; those with previous dance experience and those with no experience at all. There is even a special introductory class for children as young as two and a half, aimed at teaching balance, rhythm, and coordination. Whether you choose to dance recreationally or competitively, I highly recommend the Toronto Dance Industry.

My favourite part about this dance school, is the friendly staff and the family-friendly and multi-cultural environment. It is so easy to fit right in and make friends. My daughter has had four different instructors plus some substitute instructors, and they have all exceeded my expectations. They are kind, encouraging, and patient with every student. My daughter experienced a lot of anxiety when she first started dancing at three years old, but her instructor was so understanding and got my daughter to fully participate after just a few classes. As I watched from the viewing window, I knew that this was the perfect school for my daughter. Fast-forward to over a year later and my daughter looks forward to her classes and truly has a wonderful time. She has enjoyed practicing her routine with the other girls in the class and performing on stage at her first recital last month. My daughter loved it so much that she still can’t stop talking about it!

I am excited for my daughter because not only is she enjoying learning the art of dance but she has overcome shyness and is gaining a lot of confidence while doing something she loves. All the positivity at the Toronto Dance Industry has allowed my daughter to grow in so many ways.

Geerthana Uthayakumar, Parent